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How kind of you to come along and be with us today
I promise you all, a Fairytale before you go away
A child was born, a pretty girl, her heart so sweet and true
Everyone loved Cinderella,
I'm sure that you will too!
Although she was an only child, no sister and no brother,
She did have one advantage, me...her Fairy Godmother!
One sad day her mother died
Poor Cinderella cried and cried
As she watched her father grieve,
Cinderella promised she'd never leave
It wasn’t an easy life you see,
For they weren’t as rich as they used to be…
For the moment, that's all you need to know,
Off to the village, we shall go.


The Village Green

CINDERELLA: Morning, everybody!
ALL: Morning, Cinderella!
CINDERELLA: I’m glad it’s a beautiful day because my father’s coming home. He’s been away for a month and I’ve missed him so much.
VILLAGER 1: Where’s the Baron been, Cinders?
CINDERELLA: He’s been to see his brother, Lord Moneybags.
VILLAGER 2: His brother is Lord Moneybags?
CINDERELLA Yes, his older brother, the one who inherited the family fortune.
VILLAGER 1: Your father’s always broke.
VILLAGER 2: He’s nearly as poor as us!
The VILLAGERS cheerfully agree.
CINDERELLA: We may not have much money but we’re happy together! I love my father very much and if we ever feel down, we’ve always got Buttons to cheer us up.
1.That’s true!
2.He’s as mad as a hatter!
1.He always makes me laugh! 
CINDERELLA: That’s who I came here looking for, but I can’t find him anywhere! Will you help me find him?
1. Of course we will!
2. No problem!
1. Anything for you, Cinders.
CINDERELLA: (To The AUDIENCE) Will you help me, too?…Will you? Come on then, after three, we'll all shout Buttons.  Altogether, one, two three…Buttons! Again, one, two, three…Buttons!
BUTTONS: Hello everybody! My name’s Buttons. When I shout, “Hello everybody!” you’ve got to shout “Hello, Buttons!” Hello everybody!
AUDIENCE: Hello Buttons!
BUTTONS: Great! I work for Cinderella’s father, the Baron. He’s coming home today so I’ve been doing a bit of shopping. I've bought this book of Nursery Rhymes,
Jack and Jill went to town
To buy some chips and sweeties
Now Jack can’t keep his heart rate down
And Jill’s got diabetes.
CINDERELLA: Have you forgotten my father’s coming home today?
BUTTONS: No, I haven’t. I hope he’s managed to borrow some money off his
brother, I haven’t been paid any wages for nearly a year!
CINDERELLA: I'm sure he’ll pay you as soon as he gets back.


The Castle 

​SONG 1: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

SISTERS: Here come the girls!
DANNI: Aren’t we gorgeous!?
DANNI & FANNY: Oh yes we are!
SISSY & SASSY: Oh no you're not!
DANNI & FANNY: Oh yes we are!
SISSY & SASSY: Oh no you're not!
DANNI: Be quiet!

FANNY: What do you think this is?

SISSY & SASSY: A pantomime! Let's dance!!

DANNI: We haven’t even introduced ourselves. My name is Danni with an ‘I’ and these are my sisters…
FANNY: Fanny with an ‘F’!
SISSY: Sissy with an 'S'!
SASSY: And Sassy with a 'Y'!
FANNY: As you can see, we are…
ALL: Identical twins!
SASSY: You can tell us apart though.

SISSY: You see, unlike her, I have the face of a saint…
SASSY: A Saint Bernard!
SISSY: How rude!
DANNI & FANNY: We're aging like fine wine…
SISSY & SASSY: You’re aging like milk!
DANNI: How dare you!
FANNY: We haven’t come here to be insulted!
SISSY & SASSY: Where do you usually go?
DANNI: We never get on!


The Castle

BARON: Cinderella! I’m home! Cinderella? Buttons? I wonder where everybody is?
BARON: Buttons!
BUTTONS: Baron! How was your journey?
BARON: Spectacular! I saw all the states.
BUTTONS: You’ve been to America?
BARON: No! The ‘states', Adswood and Stockport! Where have you been?
BUTTONS: I went to the village to get a present for Cinderella!
BARON: You should have been looking after Cinderella. I promised my wife on her deathbed that I’d keep Cinderella safe and that she’d have everything she needed.
BUTTONS: Poor Baron!
STEPMOTHER: There you are!
BARON: I’m home, dear!
(Cinderella runs on)
BARON: Cinderella! There you are!
CINDERELLA: I’ve missed you so much!
CINDERELLA: Oh, Buttons! Isn’t this just the best day ever?
(STEPMOTHER stands between them)
STEPMOTHER: Cinderella!
CINDERELLA: Yes, stepmother?
STEPMOTHER: Have you got the groceries for our delicious dinner?
CINDERELLA: Yes, I have! Father, I’m making your favourite…pumpkin soup!
STEPMOTHER: Oh! I hate pumpkin soup and so do you Baron.
BARON: I do? Ah yes, sorry my dear. I forgot I hated it…
STEPMOTHER: Enough! There are scores of chores to be done for your stepsisters.
CINDERELLA: What chores?
STEPMOTHER: Cinderella! Go and do your chores!
BUTTONS: That’s her in a good mood!
BARON: We’d better get back too Buttons.
BUTTONS: What you see in her, I’ll never know.
BARON: We met in Sainsbury's. It was only when I got home, I realised I had a bag for life!
BUTTONS: Come on Baron!
BOTH: Goodbye everybody!


The Village Green

PRINCE: So, I said to Prince Harry
DANDINI: What did you say?
PRINCE: "Harry", I said, "You really don't look ANYTHING like your father."
DANDINI: What did he say?
PRINCE: Who's that very pretty girl over there?
DANDINI: Prince Harry said THAT?
PRINCE: No, he didn't say that. I'm saying that now. Who is that very pretty girl?
DANDINI: I don’t know your highness. I haven't seen her before but I can find out.
STEPMOTHER: Cinderella! Where are you, you lazy girl! There are floors to be scrubbed.
DANDINI: It sounded like that woman called her Cinderella.
PRINCE: Cinderella? What a lovely name.
DANDINI: Your highness, she's a servant girl. Your parents, the King and Queen, would never let you date a girl like that.
PRINCE: I know. I envy you Dandini. You can date whoever you like. I just want to meet a beautiful lady Dandini!
DANDINI: Perhaps a pack of potential perfect Princesses will be parading at the ball?
PRINCE: Every girl I meet is only interested in me because I’m a Prince. I just want to meet a nice, ordinary girl!
DANDINI: An ordinary girl? This is Woodford your majesty! You’re sure to find plenty of those!
PRINCE: Being a Royal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
DANDINI: Oh yes, it must be dreadful! A gala here; a banquet there. Servants attending to your every need! I’d swap with you any day!
PRINCE: What did you say Dandini?
DANDINI: “Oh yes, it must be dreadful! A gala here…”
PRINCE: No, no! Just the last bit!
DANDINI: I said, “I’d swap with you any day!”
PRINCE: That’s it Dandini! We shall swap places! The only reason I can’t meet any nice, ordinary girls is because I’m Royal but for just one day Dandini, you will be me and I will be you, then I can meet the perfect girl who will love me for me!
DANDINI: Brilliant sir!
PRINCE: All we need to do is change your identity. A Prince isn’t a Prince without a Royal sash!
DANDINI: Oh! I’ve been desperate for a sash! 
Thank you, your highness!
PRINCE: Ah ah ah!
DANDINI: I mean, thank you ‘artist formerly known as Prince…Charming’!
PRINCE: That’s more like it! 

In The Woods

LUCINDA: We've been walking for miles. Why did we have to come all this way?
MELINDA: The Queen has asked for the two best party planners in the kingdom to organise the Grand Ball.
LUCINDA: We haven’t organised a ball for years. The last one was upstairs in a pub.
BUTTONS: Hello boys and girls.
AUDIENCE: Hello Buttons.
MELINDA: Excuse me is this the way to the castle?
BUTTONS: It's just at the end of this road. I work there for the Baron. Why are you going to the castle?
MELINDA: I am Melinda and this is my business partner Lucinda.
LUCINDA: We are party planners. We're staying at the castle on our way to the Royal Palace.
MELINDA: We are the official organisers of the Grand Ball.
BUTTONS: Grand Ball?
MELINDA: It's being announced today.
BUTTONS: Wow, I wish I had a glamorous and important job like that. Follow me, I'll show you to the castle.


The Village Green

PRINCE: So, I said to Prince Charles, "Is it true that you talk to house plants?"
DANDINI: What did he say?
PRINCE: Are you Cinderella?
DANDINI: Prince Charles said THAT?
PRINCE: No, I'm saying it now. Are you Cinderella?
CINDERELLA: How do you know my name?
PRINCE: My master and I saw you in the village but you ran away.
CINDERELLA: Yes, I had to dash off and do chores at the castle.
DANDINI: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Prince Charming.
CINDERELLA: Your highness.
DANDINI: This is my friend Dandini.
PRINCE: At your service.
DANDINI: Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go on a Royal walkabout in Stockport and open a bank in Bramhall.
CINDERELLA: Goodbye your highness.
PRINCE: Now he’s gone we can talk about ordinary things that servants talk about.
CINDERELLA: What exactly do servants talk about?
PRINCE: The, cleaning products.
CINDERELLA: Cleaning products? I don't want to talk about cleaning products.
PRINCE: No of course not. You're far too pretty to talk about cleaning products.
CINDERELLA: You flatter me Dandini.
PRINCE: Cinderella, you must come to the ball at the palace.
CINDERELLA: But Dandini...
PRINCE: Let me guess, 'You have nothing to wear for a ball'.
CINDERELLA: How did you know I was going to say that?
PRINCE: It doesn’t matter what you wear. You'll be the star of the show!
CINDERELLA: That would be wonderful.
PRINCE: Come on, let's have a dance.

SONG 2: It Takes Two

In The Castle

BUTTONS: Baron, there are two ladies waiting to see you. I found them lost in the woods.
BARON: Ah yes, show them in. They're in town to organise the ball at the palace. The Queen has asked for them to stay here. Come in ladies. Welcome to our castle!
LUCINDA: I'd rather stay at the palace!
MELINDA: Sssshhhhhh! Thank you so much for letting us stay with you.
BARON: You are most welcome.
MELINDA: I'm Melinda and this is Lucinda.
BARON: Melinda and Lucinda.
BUTTONS: Let me show you to your rooms.

The Village Fair

DANDINI: Good morning your highness. What a lovely day it is.
PRINCE: I wished I could enjoy it Dandini but I'm worried.
DANDINI: Let me guess. How are you going to tell the Queen that you're in love with a servant girl?
PRINCE: Exactly!
DANDINI: You could tell them that Cinderella is my girlfriend. Cinderella thinks that you're Dandini.
PRINCE: It's such a mess. You don't know any Fairy Godmothers, do you?
DANDINI: There's no such thing as Fairy Godmothers.
PRINCE: Oh yes there is.
DANDINI: Oh no there isn't.
PRINCE: Oh yes there is.
DANDINI: Oh no there isn't.
AUDIENCE: Oh yes there is.
PRINCE: You see Dandini, there ARE Fairy Godmothers. Everyone here agrees with me. Don't you girls and boys? I WILL find a way to marry Cinderella! 


The Village Fair

BUTTONS: Hello everybody!
AUDIENCE: Hello Buttons!
BUTTONS: I'm here to help the villagers to set up the stalls for the village fair. Here comes the Queen.
QUEEN: The village fair is my favourite event of the year.
BUTTONS: Yes, your majesty.
QUEEN: I like the village fair better than anything.
BUTTONS: Yes, your majesty.
QUEEN: It's ten times better than the opening night of Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.
BUTTONS: Yes, your majesty.
QUEEN: I think that Prince Charming has met a girl and is planning to introduce her to us today.
BUTTONS: Yes, your majesty.
QUEEN: My darling boy.
PRINCE: Mother.
QUEEN: Where is she?
PRINCE: Where is who?
QUEEN: Your bride to be. When are we going to meet her?
PRINCE: I don’t have anyone to introduce to you.
QUEEN: Well then, I will invite every single girl in the kingdom to the ball.
BUTTONS: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Queen.
QUEEN: I hope you all enjoy your day at the village fair.

QUEEN: How are the preparations for the ball?
LUCINDA: Very well your majesty.
QUEEN: Have you found somebody to announce the guests as they arrive?
MELINDA: Of course.
QUEEN: Is it a celebrity?
MELINDA: No, celebrities are extremely expensive.
QUEEN: Well who is it then?
LUCINDA: Buttons!
QUEEN: Buttons?
MELINDA: He’s VERY popular, your majesty.
BUTTONS: Wow! I'm going to be at the ball!
QUEEN: Well, he'd better be good.

BUTTONS: Hello Cinders!
CINDERELLA: Hello Buttons!
BUTTONS: It's nice of your sisters to let you out of the kitchen.
CINDERELLA: They didn't let me out. I had to creep out while nobody was looking. Is it true that you're going to the ball?
BUTTONS: Wow! News travels fast. How did you know?
CINDERELLA: It's trending on TikTok. Is that Dandini over there?
CINDERELLA: He’s so delightful. I'm falling in love with him.

PRINCE: Cinderella! How lovely to 'accidentally' bump into you.
CINDERELLA: Dandini! I wasn't expecting to see you. How very 'accidental'.
PRINCE: Sometimes when things happen by accident it can make dreams come true.
CINDERELLA: Do you really think so?
PRINCE: Absolutely.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Soon Cinders rags will be gone and the duckling will turn into a swan. Her makeover is my duty, she'll soon become a ravishing beauty. It will become alarming when she learns that Dandini, is really Prince Charming.

In The Castle

CINDERELLA: The work here never seems to end. I've got to sweep the floors, polish the doors, sweep the rugs and wash the mugs. Then I've got to dust the shelves and rinse the bath.
STEPMOTHER: Where are my little rosebuds?  (Calling:) Sissy! Sassy! Danni! Fanny!
(The SISTERS run to meet her)
DANNI & FANNY: Yes, Mumsy. Here we are!

STEPMOTHER: Hurry up Cinderella!
SISSY & SASSY: Fix my hair Cinderella!
DANNY & FANNY: Do my nails Cinderella!
STEPMOTHER: Hurry up Cinderella!
CINDERELLA: I’m trying.
STEPMOTHER: Well try harder.
SISSY & SASSY: One more curl Cinderella!
DANNY & FANNY: Just paint them, CINDERELLA!
STEPMOTHER: That’s enough Cinderella!
CINDERELLA: I’m doing my best.
(They all freeze in dramatic poses.)

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Cinderella was doing her best.
FAIRY 2 & 3 The sisters and stepmother were not very kind.
FAIRY 1 They only thought about themselves.

SISSY & SASSY We look perfect!
DANNY & FANNY We look stunning!
STEPMOTHER Yes, you do!
STEPMOTHER: Oh, Danni, you look a million dollars.
SASSY: Yes, in used notes.
SISSY: All green and crinkly!
STEPMOTHER: Fanny, you look like a film star.
SISSY & SASSY: Yeah, Shrek!
DANNI & FANNY: Just ‘cos you’re jealous! 
STEPMOTHER: Stop it, all of you! 
SISTERS: Oooooooooh!

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Cinderella’s stepmother and sisters were going to the ball. They loved attending celebrations.

STEPMOTHER: While we’re gone Cinderella you need to clean up this mess.
CINDERELLA: Oh, how I wish I could go to the ball with you.
STEPMOTHER: Go to the ball? With us?
(All of them laugh hysterically at Cinderella)
STEPMOTHER: Well Cinderella if it means that much to you…you can go to a ball with us.
STEPMOTHER: Certainly.

The stepmother picked up a pan of sweetcorn and poured it into the fire.

STEPMOTHER: As soon as you pick up all the sweetcorn, out of the fire. (They all laugh) 

SASSY: Ooh, I can't wait to dance.
SISSY: Me too!
STEPMOTHER: You'll soon be able to get working on the Prince.
DANNI: Oh, good!
FANNY: Come on Danni, let's get twerking!

SONG 3: Clap Snap

I said “get working” on the Prince, not get twerking! Now come along daughters. Our carriage awaits! 

In the Castle

CINDERELLA: I really hoped I'd be able to go to the ball but I have absolutely nothing to wear. I can’t go to the palace in these tatty old rags.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: That's easily fixed.
CINDERELLA: Who are you?
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Your fairy godmother.
FAIRY 2: Way!
FAIRY 3: Way!
FAIRY 1: Way!
FAIRY GODMOTHER: I am going to use my magic powers to make sure that you do go to the ball.
CINDERELLA: I can’t go dressed like this!
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Of course not!
FAIRY 2: Of course not!
FAIRY 3: Of course not!
FAIRY 1: Of course not!
CINDERELLA: Where are we going to get a dress? Amazon?
FAIRY GODMOTHER: We will use my magic wand.
FAIRY 2: Magic!
FAIRY3: Magic!
FAIRY 1: Magic!
CINDERELLA: How wonderful! 

SONG 4: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

FAIRY GODMOTHER: You will have a beautiful dress.
FAIRY 2: Beautiful.
FAIRY 3: Beautiful.
Fairy 1: Beautiful.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Would you like to wear jewels?
FAIRY 2: Jewels!
FAIRY 3: Jewels!
FAIRY 1 Jewels!
CINDERELLA: Yes please! What about shoes?
FAIRY GODMOTHER: What type of shoes would you like Cinderella?
CINDERELLA: I've always dreamed of wearing shoes with sparkling diamonds.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Sparkling diamonds?
FAIRY 2: Diamonds?
FAIRY 3: Diamonds?
FAIRY 1: Diamonds?  
FAIRY 2: Fabulous!
FAIRY 3: Fabulous!
FAIRY 1: Fabulous!
CINDERELLA: I'm so excited.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: There is one condition.
CINDERELLA: Condition?
FAIRY GODMOTHER: You must leave the palace before midnight.
FAIRY 2: Midnight!
FAIRY 3: Midnight!
FAIRY 1: Midnight!
CINDERELLA: Midnight? What happens if I leave after midnight?
FAIRY GODMOTHER: You are a curious girl. You'll find all the terms and conditions on my website.
CINDERELLA: Great! I'm so excited.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Soon Cinders rags will be gone and the duckling will turn into a swan. Her makeover is my duty, she'll soon become a ravishing beauty. It will become alarming when she learns that Dandini, is really Prince Charming. 

SONG 5: Let's Get Loud



​The Palace Ball

BUTTONS: Hello boys and girls! 
AUDIENCE: Hello Buttons! 
BUTTONS: It's the night of the Grand Ball at the Royal palace! 
I'm so excited! 
I'm going to be announcing all the guests as they arrive, it's a very important job. 
QUEEN: Is everything ready for the ball? 
MELINDA: Yes, your majesty. 
QUEEN: Have you plumped the cushions? 
LUCINDA: Yes, your majesty. 
QUEEN: Have you cooked the sausage rolls? 
MELINDA: Yes, your majesty. 
QUEEN: Have you folded the table napkins into the shapes of animals and birds? 
LUCINDA: Yes, your majesty. 
QUEEN: Excellent! Have you hung up the fairy lights? 
MELINDA: Five thousand of them your majesty. 
QUEEN: Is the dance floor smooth and shiny so that I can slide on it?
LUCINDA: Yes, your majesty. 
QUEEN: Has my son arrived yet? 
MELINDA: Not yet your majesty. 
QUEEN: I wish he'd hurry up. He's supposed to be greeting the guests with us tonight. 
MELINDA: Are you looking forward to the ball your majesty? 
QUEEN: I'm looking forward to finding someone to marry Prince Charming. 
LUCINDA: Someone pretty? 
QUEEN: I don't care what they look like as long as they're rich and live in a huge palace. 
BUTTONS: Your majesty, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Grand Ball at the Royal palace! 
Please welcome his Royal Highness Prince Charming! 


​The Palace Ball

DANDINI: Do you mind if I just check something your highness? 
PRINCE: Of course. 
DANDINI: Am I still you or am I back to being me gain? 
PRINCE: You’re me as me. I mean, you're you as you. 
DANDINI: You as you? 
PRINCE: No, you as you. Which isn't me, it's you. 
DANDINI: So, just to summarise... 
PRINCE: Sssshhhhhh. 
Mother, you wanted to see me?
QUEEN: Yes, I did. 
Now remember, there will be lots of rich, young ladies here this evening. I feel confident that your new princess will be here. 
All you must do is find her. She'll probably be the one wearing the most diamonds and sapphires. 
PRINCE: You make it sound like a celebrity auction. 
QUEEN: If you don't choose a wife, I will choose one for you. 
BUTTONS: Ladies and gentlemen, the Baron's wife and their four...lovely daughters. 
QUEEN: They're late. 
MELINDA: They've been making themselves look stunning for the ball. 
PRINCE: Welcome to the palace.
SASSY: Hello Princey Wincey! 
FANNY: We are absolutely thrilled to be at the Royal Ball. 
DANNY: Yes, we are all very excited. 
SISSY: Very excited. 
PRINCE: Is one of your family missing? 
DANDINI: We delivered another invitation to the castle! 
STEPMOTHER: I can assure your Royal Highness that we are all here. 
SASSY: Are you looking forward to dancing with us Princey Wincey? 
PRINCE: Yes, of course. 

SONG 6: Pump It


​The Palace Ball

QUEEN: Why aren't you talking to any of these young ladies? You'll never find a wife.  What about that very pretty girl over there. 
PRINCE: She was in my class at school. She has terribly bad breath. 
QUEEN: Is she rich? 
PRINCE: Oh, yes. 
QUEEN: Well put a mask on and go and talk to her. 
PRINCE: Really? 
QUEEN: What about that young lady over there? She is delightful. 
PRINCE: She has an awful laugh. 
QUEEN: So don't tell her any jokes! 
PRINCE: Mother, please. I did send an invitation to a very special girl but she hasn't turned up.
BUTTONS: Your majesty...ladies and gentlemen...please welcome our very special guest of honour...the Masked Lady! 
QUEEN: Guest of honour? What guest of honour? 
DANNI & FANNY: It's Lady Gaga! 
BUTTONS: Cinderella you look amazing! 

SONG 7: Proud Mary


PRINCE: Wow! What an entrance! 
CINDERELLA: I'm so nervous Buttons. 
BUTTONS: You'll be fine Cinders but I think there's something that you should know... 
BUTTONS: Dandini ISN’T Dandini. 
CINDERELLA: Dandini ISN’T Dandini? Well who is he then? 
BUTTONS: Dandini is Prince Charming. 
CINDERELLA: Dandini ISN’T Dandini? He's Prince Charming? 
(Everyone turns and looks at Cinderella) 
CINDERELLA: I mean...what? 
BUTTONS: The Prince pretended to be his servant so that he could meet you. 
CINDERELLA: I can’t go through with this. I want to go home. 
BUTTONS: You can't go home. You're the Masked Lady and you're about to be the Belle of the Ball. 
CINDERELLA: I'm scared. 
PRINCE: I must know who is that Masked Lady? 
FANNY: Are you sure that isn't Lady Gaga? 
SASSY: No way. 
SISSY: Her feet are too small. 
PRINCE: May I have this dance mysterious lady? 

SONG 8: Body Groove


The Palace Ball

CINDERELLA: I've danced with a Prince. It's like a wonderful dream. 
PRINCE: You are so graceful and elegant. Would you take off your mask? 
CINDERELLA: Perhaps when we get to know each other a little better. 
PRINCE: Very well. Let me show you around the Royal Palace. 
CINDERELLA: I'd love to but I must leave before midnight. 
QUEEN: It seems my son has made up his mind at last. I wish we knew who that girl was. 
BUTTONS: All that matters is they are happy. 
DANNI: Don’t you think that girl looks a little like Cinderella? 
STEPMOTHER: Cinderella? Cinderella? Who wears a mask unless they have something to hide? 
PRINCE: Mysterious lady, it's been wonderful dancing with you. 
CINDERELLA: Oh, I could dance with you all night! 
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Buttons, it's nearly time for Cinderella to leave. You must go and warn her. 
BUTTONS: I'll try my best Fairy Godmother. 
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Did Cinderella read the terms and conditions? Does she know that at the stroke of midnight, her beautiful clothes will turn back to rags? 
BUTTONS: Oh dear, this is bad. 

SONG 9: Dancing is Healing 


​The Palace Ball

(Clock chimes 12) 

CINDERELLA: Oh no, it's midnight already. I must go. 
PRINCE: Please stay. 
CINDERELLA: Thank you for a wonderful evening. 
PRINCE: I don’t have your phone number. 
PRINCE: Come back fascinating Masked Lady! 
DANDINI: She's gone. She vanished into the night. 
DANDINI: She dropped this on the staircase. 
PRINCE: A beautiful diamond shoe. 
SISSY: It's tiny! She has very small feet. 
SASSY: Who wears diamond shoes? 
DANNI: Health and safety nightmare! 
FANNY: They must have been agony to dance in. 

​DANDINI: Sssssh!

Outside the Castle 

CINDERELLA: I had such a wonderful evening! Now I'm back tatters. The Prince would never want me like this. He's probably forgotten all about me. 
TOWN CRIER 1: Hear ye! 
TOWN CRIER 2: Hear ye! 
TOWN CRIER 1: Shoe left behind at the ball last night! 
TOWN CRIER 2: The Prince is searching for the perfect foot for the perfect fit! 
CINDERELLA: My shoe? Did you hear that everyone? The Prince is trying to find me. 
Maybe my dreams are about to come true. 
I need to smarten myself up. 
DANNI: What are you looking so happy about? 
FANNY: Go and prepare us a foot spa. We've got an important appointment. 
CINDERELLA: I'd like to try on the shoe too. 
SISSY: You! Phew! 
SASSY: It would need to be disinfected if you tried it on! 

In The Village

TOWN CRIER 1: Hear ye! 
TOWN CRIER 2: Hear ye! 
TOWN CRIER 1: Walk this way for the shoe fitting session! 
FANNY: It took me so long to paint my toenails. 
SASSY: How many tins of emulsion did it take? 
MELINDA: Form an orderly queue. Who's first? 
DANNI: It's alright dear. 
FANNY: Age before beauty! 
DANDINI: I don’t think this is going to work Madame. It's like trying to fit an elephant into a tube of Smarties! 
MELINDA: Is there anyone else? Anyone else? 
DANNI: Oh no there isn't. 
FANNY: Let me try again.
PRINCE: Looks like that's it then. 
BUTTONS: Wait! There's one more! Cinderella! 
PRINCE: It fits! It's her! 
FAIRY GODMOTHER: So, all ends happily with a flap of our wings.
All that's left is an exchange of rings! 

SONG 10: Dreams 


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